2016-2020+ Infiniti Q60 BIG MOUTH "LIT KIT" Ram Air Intake Snorkels

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Introducing the Velossa Tech 2016-2020+ Infiniti Q60 "LIT KIT" Ram Air Intake Snorkels.

Velossa Tech has teamed up with Diode Dynamics to produce a world’s first, revolutionary new product. It was designed from the ground up to turn heads, and snap necks, and that is an understatement. We iterated on many different designs until we honed-in on what is undeniably 'the one' to produce un-interrupted light diffusion at the flare. We chose Diode Dynamics because of their unmatched reliability in automotive applications. Cold, hot, wet, dry, it doesn't matter! Reliability and robust product development is what we are known for, Diode Dynamics can deliver!